Dorset Campbell-Ross CNVC Certified Trainer

Pre 2002: Professional musician/songwriter, Counsellor, NLP Master Practitioner, codependency lecturer, workshop leader.

2002: After 3 days training, invited to mediate between African refugees and Irish volunteers in Kilkenny, Ireland. Two days later the leaders shook hands agreeing to work together. Inspired, did IIT in Switzerland.

Following Bali bomb, managed missing persons crisis centre for 3 days at Sangla hospital. Returned to Australia determined to create world peace by living and teaching NVC.

2002-3: Led 20 foundation trainings. Started 8 practice groups. Founded Byron Education Group whose mission is to make NVC part of the national education curriculum.

2004 : Co-organised first Australian IIT, became CNVC Certified Trainer.

Special interest areas: Education, mediation, reconcilliation and counselling

Contact details

Mobile: 0417 274 723

Trainings offered by Dorset Campbell-Ross

Locations:  Australia-wide (incl. Tasmania), New Zealand, Indonesia. Willing to travel worldwide.

Foundation level

NVC is a process of empathy and honesty that deepens the quality of our connection - strengthening our ability to respond compassionately to others and ourselves - by focusing our awareness on our intention to connect, our attention on the present moment, and paying special attention to observations, feelings, needs and requests.

Advanced Level

Deep Empathy Healing

This workshop will be of particular interest to counsellors, therapists, doctors, nurses and those in the healing professions who want create the quality of connection with others that allows natural healing to take place in their presence.

The workshop is suitable for people who have already attended a Foundation Training, or training in Rogerian client centered counselling, or similar.

In this training you will:

  • learn the fine details and distinctions in giving empathy with particular attention to PRESENCE and the INTENTION TO CONNECT.
  • receive individual coaching in giving deep empathy with real examples and/or case studies taken from the participants lives/practices
  • learn from a demonstration of deep empathy healing, and see how this kind of empathy can heal wounds from the past that still effect our daily lives today.
  • experience giving and receiving deep empathy

Deepening intimate relationships

Depending on the needs of the participants, the sessions will cover:

  • Connecting with ourselves and others with honesty and transparency - essential priorities for lasting intimate relationships
  • Taking the time needed for connection - in spite of all the other things requiring our attention
  • Clarifying our definition of love - is it a feeling, a universal human need, or something else?
  • Meeting our needs for commitment and freedom
  • Breaking free from the prison of co-dependency and dependency - and moving to the freedom of interdependence
  • Getting clear about sex. Is sex a need, a strategy, or something else? Communicating about sex compassionately.
  • Transforming anger so everyone wins.

NVC Trainers Development

Private sessions

Dorset offers private sessions in coaching and /or mediation in person or by phone. More information


Dorset offers mediation and reconciliation sessions by appointment, either in person or via Skype (including conference calls).