Jim Lord

About to enter my 6th decade of life - I find myself adventuring into more age appropriate activities. Contained within those 60 or so years are a childhood and adolescence spent largely in a rural, farming life; 40 years of parenthood (4 children, 6 grandchildren) - 35 years as a self employed tradesman (electrician) and a lifetime of learning,and "steady as it goes."

Suddenly 5 years ago NVC and cancer (in that order) were a discovery!! Naturally enough, the cancer has gone now, yet the "wake up call" - so well supported by NVC learning - has had it's effects and allowed me to forge a renewed life, and refined intentions in where I place my energies.

Here in Melbourne, I have for 3 or 4 years now, maintained a monthly email list circulating to some 300 or so (and growing) people that promotes NVC events in the area. (Feel free to contact me if you want to be placed on that list.)

I've spent many hours in NVC trainings and gatherings, and assisted various trainers in their workshops,and now find myself stepping on to running my own groups. Two years ago I participated in a nationally accredited group facilitation training course. This valuable learning has enabled me to move into a place of "standing by" with groups as they discover/fulfill their purpose.

Consequently, I am now offering NVC coaching and practise group sesions, and using NVC skills in a wide range of facilitation scenarios. I'm discovering where my life experience to this point,combined with my inherent capacities and longing, gives me a path forward.

My interests at present are to provide support to NVC practice groups; devise and run "further integration" workshops for those who have completed a Foundation Training; providing facilitation support to groups generally, especially working with Self Organising networks and Groups.

Contact details

Mobile: 0412382085
Website: http://www.connectingelementsvic.com.au/