Shar Molloy

Hi Everyone, thank you for enquiring about NVC and what I can offer.

A little bit about myself. I have experience in finance, management and marketing and combine these skills with communication and mediation, to support individuals and organisations to thrive.

I facilitate and support individuals and organisations to achieve their purpose driven goals over an extended period through the building of connection, resilience and compassion.

Through studying numerous modalities over the last twenty years, I have recognised that connecting to our own heart intelligence and communicating from this place, can create inspired action that is sustained over time. NVC is an integral part of this connection and communication.

I am offering training and coaching in Compassionate Communication (NVC), Mediation (including group restorative practices) and ongoing NVC practice groups.





Contact details

Mobile: 0427 161 531

Private sessions

Embodying NVC Certified Coach, offering coaching in the basics of nonviolent communication and a deepening connection with whats alive and true in the heart.


Offering mediation for couples, families and community/work groups.