Jeyanthy Siva

Jeyanthy Siva is an international trainer in Communication, healing and empowerment. In the late 90's, along with other trainers from Berkeley, CA (USA), she co-founded the Diversity Project to bring Nonviolent Communication to people of colour who have traditionally been blocked in their ability to access equal opportunity (in education and jobs as well as political and societal power). In 2002, she moved back to her native country of Sri Lanka where she taught NVC in many different parts of the Island.

She has trained counsellors, teachers, human rights officers, university students, lecturers and

NGO workers (local and international) as well as professionals (doctors/ psychiatrists and

academics) and people working in the corporate sector on the principles and applications of

Nonviolent Communication. 

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Trainings offered by Jeyanthy Siva

Jeyanthy has conducted 2 hour introductory presentations on NVC and 1 to 3 full day trainings as well as 6 day in-depth residential training programs in Sri Lanka as well as USA. She has also conducted lectures and presentations (including key note address).


Jeyanthy's vision and greatest hope is to contribute to healing, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence of all the different communities of Lanka and by extension the sustain life powerfully and peacefully