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CNVC Certified trainers

Central Coast/ Sydney
Alex Norman

Intro talks, dynamic half day workshops, Foundation trainings, Practise groups, Coaching, Peaceful parenting and intimate relationships.

Melbourne, Byron Bay, Australia-wide
Alistair McKinnon

Specialising in helping couples create loving relationships: seeing where disconnection happens and exploring new ways of deepening intimacy and connection. Foundation Training and Advanced Trainings. Now an accredited EmbodyingNVC Coach and recently recommended for certification by CNVC.

Byron Bay
Dorset Campbell-Ross

Education, mediation, reconciliation
and counselling

Glyn Conlon

Speaking, Facilitation, Mental Health, Stress, NVC Mediation, NVC Presentations, Leadership, Connecting Families, Couples, Mindset and Manifestation

Kate Raffin

Mediation, Conflict Coaching, Restorative Circles, Facilitation, Practice Groups and One on One (coaching).
Working with groups of people (2 or more) who come together for a shared purpose. Supporting them to learn and implement tools to navigate and even embrace “road blocks” to get results that are inclusive and work for all.

Mukti Jarvis

Couple/ Family Communication Therapist/ Specialist. Two or more people – NVC Facilitation and Mediation for businesses/families, corporate and organisations.

Byron Bay and Beyond
Paulette Bray-Narai

Parenting with Compassion and Awareness (pregnancy to adulthood), Self connection, Connecting couples and blended families,
CC in Education, NVC in Workplaces, skilled personal and professional conflict resolution, group and couple mediation.

Shari Elle

Speaking, Organisational Trainings, Management Coaching, General Trainings, Personal Coaching.

South East Queensland
Cate Crombie

Mental health, parenting, indigenous communities, workplace communication, personal empowerment.
Assessor for Certification as CNVC Trainer
Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) Board of Directors

Cherie Scott

Community development and team building, sustainable relationships in an empowered community.

Perth, Albany and regional WA
Chris Gillett

Workplace teams, groups and meetings.
Parenting and teens.
Communication in sexual relationships.
Mental health, disability.

Perth, regional WA
Marg Pontin

NVC in Education, Organisations and teams, Leadership, parenting and Intimate Relationships

Other trainers

Susan Clarke

Foundation Trainings, working with people of faith, facilitating personal growth and development, NVC in workplaces and schools, peace activism, practice groups.

North Sydney, Sydney
Bronwyn Sach

Parenting, Communication as a Spiritual Practice, Mental Health

Byron, Melbourne, Gold Coast +
Jana Krins

Empowering couples in honest, loving communication. Effective, loving parenting. Education. Mediation. Joy in learning.

Bridget O'Donnell

Restorative Justice,
Women’s Groups,
intimate relationships,
Community and Eco-villages,
Learning through Art and play,
Self awareness through Yoga and Movement,
long distance hiking as a journey within,
Designing and Developing NVC learning aids


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