NVC Mediation is helpful for two family or community members, family groups, two business colleagues and business or community groups.

The regular dictionary definition of mediation is: An attempt to bring about a peaceful settlement or compromise between disputants through the objective intervention of a neutral party.

The difference with the NVC model of mediation is that it focuses on establishing a new quality of connection before working on strategies and outcomes. This is a major departure from most mediation processes.

Consistently, when people arrive at solutions with each other in this way they naturally search for solutions that will work for everyone.

*NMAS – indicates that a person is accredited through the Australian National Mediator Accreditation Scheme.

* RC indicates a person is fully trained in Restorative Circle facilitation. RC is especially applicable for restoration after a specific event.

The following people offer mediation services:

New South Wales

Alex Norman CNVC Certified Trainer

Alexandra facilitates a regular, live, online drop-in NVC coaching and practice night. 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month 6:30pm ( since April 2020 and ongoing)

Alexandra is a passionate NVC trainer. She runs engaging workshops, offers private online coaching, and facilitates lively Integration Groups in ...   read more

Melbourne, Byron Bay, Australia-wide
Alistair McKinnon CNVC Certified Trainer

Specialising in helping couples create loving relationships: seeing where disconnection happens and exploring new ways of deepening intimacy and connection.

Foundation Training and Advanced Trainings, Coaching and Mediation. An accredited EmbodyingNVC Coach and a Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) in America.  read more

North Sydney
Bronwyn Sach NMAS Certified

Mindful Communication, Relationship Mediation for parents and couples, Family Dispute Resolution (Divorce Mediation) Mental Health Practitioner, Zen Buddhist, Parenting.  read more

Byron Bay
Dorset Campbell-Ross CNVC Certified Trainer

Education, mediation, reconciliation
and counselling  read more

Glyn Conlon CNVC Certified Trainer
NMAS Certified
RC Trained

Speaking, Facilitation, Mental Health, Stress, NVC Mediation, NVC Presentations, Introduction to NVC, Leadership, Connecting Families, Couples, Mindset and Manifestation  read more

Australia wide
Jo Field CNVC Certified Trainer

The aim of my work is to support and strengthen all relationships in life : The couple relationship, families, parent/child, workplace, and with yourself. My focus and passion for the past 20 yrs has been working with parents to increase the ease and enjoyment of the parenting journey using a relational approach and respectful, age-appropriate communication.

Workshops offered:
* A 2-day or ...   read more

Byron Bay and Beyond
Paulette Bray-Narai CNVC Certified Trainer

Parenting with Compassion and Awareness (pregnancy to adulthood), Self connection, Connecting couples and blended families,
CC in Education, NVC in Workplaces, skilled personal and professional conflict resolution, group and couple mediation.  read more


Australia wide
Kate Raffin CNVC Certified Trainer
NMAS Certified
RC Trained

Mediation, Conflict Coaching, Restorative Circles, Facilitation, Practice Groups and One on One (coaching).
Working with groups of people (2 or more) who come together for a shared purpose. Supporting you to learn and implement tools to navigate and even embrace "road blocks" to get results that are inclusive and work for all.  read more

South Australia

Bridget O'Donnell

Community and Eco-villages, Permaculture, Restorative Circles, women’s groups, Long-term relationship maintenance, Groups for men, Learning through Art and play, Self awareness through Yoga and meditation, Long-distance hiking as a journey within, Designing and creating NVC learning aids. Making learning FUN.  read more


Melbourne, Castlemaine
Samantha Wittenberg

Individual empathy sessions
Empathy Circles
Individual or couples Communication coaching
General facilitation and Effective Communication training  read more

Western Australia

Perth, regional WA
Marg Pontin CNVC Certified Trainer

NVC in Education, Organisations and teams, Leadership, parenting and Intimate Relationships  read more