Bronwyn Sach

I discovered NVC while looking into learning and education for Homeschooling my eldest daughter and was very impressed. I was awoken to many aspects of learning and communication that I was mostly asleep to.

I have participated in various NVC courses over the last few years and most recently in the Center for NVC’s Parenting Peer Leadership Program (9 month Program).  I recognized early on that the processes in NVC are very powerful tools to shed light on and deeply transform our ‘stuck’ areas, naturally leading to more openness, wisdom and compassion.  Having been a long term meditator in the Zen Buddhist tradition, I appreciate the insight and awareness meditation brings to NVC practice and the transformation and real life skills NVC brings into everyday life.  NVC provides a clear way to integrate spiritual values into daily life and our interactions.

The practice group which I facillitate meets monthly at my Naturopathic Clinic in North Sydney and we use our time for practicing different aspects of NVC and use live examples from our daily life to work through.  Being together practicing and supporting each other is an essential part of learning NVC.  I am passionate about exploring, understanding and embracing our needs.  Most people are well informed about, and in touch with, their feelings.   NVC is a powerful practice for penetrating deeper to get in touch with our needs.  I have seen that as this missing link is restored it can transform us and allow us to be much more alive and present and more likely to move in the world in a peaceful way.

I am a Naturopath and Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) consultant specialising in Depression.  I have found NVC to be a useful part of an wholistic treatment plan for Depression.

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Trainings offered by Bronwyn Sach

Practice Group

Meeting on the first Saturday of the month from 3-5pm.  I will present a talk on an NVC topic and we will explore NVC together with role plays, journalling processes, games and mindfulness practices.  Cost is $15.  Contact Bronwyn 0414806640 to RSVP, join our mailing list or for an information pack.


Depression, Mental Health, Communication as a Spiritual Practice, Parenting