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Karen Thompson-Anderson


Wellbeing Intelligence for more wonderful

Self-care and purpose mentorship with Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

I believe NVC has given us a pathway to our greatest wealth…an ability to self-empathise and transform the blocks to our own wellbeing and self-expression in the world.

My mentoring exists at the intersection of self-empathy development (NVC), women’s purpose work and personal resilience for wellbeing.

You can work with me to transform the power-over and power-under communication in your relating with yourself, with others and with your life’s work. There is no more important work than being able to stand in our power and do the work we love to do both professionally and personally.

Book an exploratory conversation with me 0433 153 536.



About Karen Thompson-Anderson 

When I first started my journey with Nonviolent Communication (NVC), I wish I’d had a mentor by my side. I learned everything the long way, but you don’t have to.

For over 10 years I’ve been learning and sharing NVC to support connection in relating with others, in personal relationships and in professional development.

My most important lesson with NVC is to start with self-care, to shift out of the hidden self-sacrifice patterns of childhood into greater self-advocacy for our needs, whilst  hearing the needs of others as equal too.

I’ve learned to apply these skills to coaching for wellbeing personally and professionally, and am now exploring new approaches to mutual wellbeing in collective (team and family) contexts.

I invite you to connect with me to see if working with me is right for you.


Karen Thompson-Anderson
Wellbeing Activator & Communication Coach

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My learning and application experiences with Nonviolent Communication

Introduction to NVC with Jim Lord 2009
Foundation Training with Dorset Campbell-Ross 2009
Foundation Training & Day trainings with Cherie Scott 2010 
Facilitator NVC practice group 12 months 2010-2011 
Robert Gonzales Australian Residential Retreat March 2011
Evening training with Mel Sears June 2011 
Speaker at public Nonviolence event 11.11.2011
Facilitator of a local NVC Parenting practice program 2011 – 10 weeks. 
Weekend Training ZENVC with Catherine Cadden & Jessie Weins April 2012
Weekend Training in Restorative Justice with John Cunningham & Cat Gilliam July 2012
Founding group member NVC Melbourne trainers 2012
Facilitator of Parent’s fortnightly NVC Circle at Collingwood College school (4 terms 2012)
Co-facilitator Compassionate Parenting Day training 2012 with Alistair McKinnon 
Promoted NVC at Occupy Melbourne 2012
Foundation Training with Chez Scott 2012
“IIT” NVC International Intensive Training 10 days Queensland 2013
Co-Founder, NVC MELBOURNE with Chez Scott and Alistair McKinnon 2014
Hosted a Global Internet Conference for NVC Community with 3 days of panels and presentations
Co-facilitator NVC Foundation Trainings (various) 2014 – 2016
Founder, ACTIVATE WELLBEING – 2016 – ongoing
Compassionate Wellbeing Program for Entrepreneurs 2016
Yoga Heart, Yoga Mind NVC & Yoga collaboration 2017
Early development Wise Women Rising time trading platform, alternative economies 2018 – ongoing
Volunteer Team Member of NVC Australia 2021 ongoing

Contact Details

Mobile: 0433 153 536

Trainings offered by Karen Thompson-Anderson

A free introduction workshop (online) to the Wellbeing Model, based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication.

For more information about this offer contact:


Private sessions

Wellbeing Intelligence with NVC

Activate Your Wellbeing with NVC coaching
Your greatest wealth is your self-care relationship with wellbeing.

With Nonviolent Communication coaching we’ll explore your inner relating to evolve your experiences, growth and enjoyment of wellbeing, based on Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC.

We’ll work together to transform the power-over and power-under communication in your inner-relating so that you can speak the language of “power-with” and resonate new capacity to make progress on what really matters to you.

Book an exploratory conversation with me 0433 153 536.


When I first started my journey with Nonviolent Communication, I wish I’d had a mentor by my side. I learned everything the long way, but you don’t have to. My most important lesson was to start with Self Care.