Kristin Masters CNVC Certified Trainer

I’m hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, US, as a part of the NVC Santa Cruz collective.

As a Certified CNVC trainer since 2010, though I began my NVC journey in 1994, doing Alternatives to Violence work in San Quentin prison. I had already spent 5 years leading work on eliminating oppression, building communities that are ready to step up as allies for one another, and leadership development. NVC felt like a missing piece that supported all of the work I wanted to do to create a world that worked for all. I love supporting people and organizations that want to work more collaboratively, that find themselves competing for resources.

Once I began to GROK the power of NVC to develop empathy, compassionate honesty and self responsibility, I was all in! I’ve grown my own practice through the Living Compassion work of Robert Gonzales, the powerful social change models of Miki Kashtan and the warm resonance of Sarah Peyton’s IPNB work.

People who work with me find my support and trainings to be highly engaged, to be at times funny and light or deep and slow, like empathy itself. I love offering ways to apply NVC, not just teaching the model but using the full plethora of principles, skills and tools.

I welcome your questions and inquiries.


Contact Details

Telephone: 1-831-246-0730
Mobile: 1-831-246-0730

Trainings offered by Kristin Masters

Mar 30-31 Womens Workshop near Nimbin

Apr 7-8       Dealing with “Difficult” Relations in Brisbane


Grief and Dealing with Loss
Gratitude and Empowerment
Social Justice
Becoming Better Allies
Addressing Power Differences
Parenting – Becoming the Parent you Want to Be
Living Compassion- Robert Gonzales work
NVC and Interpersonal Nuerobiology- work of Sarah Peyton