About the Trainings

Trainings are offered by certified trainers and non-certified trainers.

Foundation Level Training is the label commonly given to initial NVC trainings. If you have read the book, listened to some material or only recently discovered NVC this is likely to be the most beneficial training to commence. Generally this training is in the form of a 2-day training or a series of five 2-3 hour sessions and has a strong focus on experiencing and developing NVC skills. After a Foundation Training you can expect to be able to use NVC in your daily life (express yourself honestly, receive another empathically and give yourself self-empathy). Fluency does take some practice and we recommend you join or form a practice group after attending a Foundation Training.

Sometimes a Foundation Level training has a specific application as its focus. eg. parenting, health professionals or business leadership.

Advanced Training is the general catch-all name we give to trainings which build on Foundation Level skills. Often an Advanced Training has a specific topic or application as the focus eg. Intimate Relationships, Mediation or Deep Empathy Healing.

Practice Groups are the generic name we give to groups meeting to study and practice NVC. Sometimes people in a practice group have no prior NVC training. More commonly practice group participants have completed Foundation Training. Usually a practice group is meeting and studying the Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life book and companion workbook. Most practice groups are leaderful ie. the leadership is rotated around the group. A group may request support from a trainer.

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