How to join this site

If you are involved in the NVC community within Australia and would like to join with this website in sharing your trainings or other NVC offerings, you are welcome to Register, or list a Free Practice Group. If you are an NVC Trainer not based in Australia but plan to run NVC trainings here, please  click here.

The Basic Annual Registration fee to join this website is $60 / ($30**)and includes:
- Bio (click to see an example)
- Practice Group Listings (unlimited 'Free' i.e. no cost to attendees Listings)

It also includes membership of C2Ci trading as "Nonviolent Communication Australia" the not-for-profit incorporated association that owns the website.

You can then add any of the following optional Extras to your Basic annual Registration for $20 each:

1. Private Sessions
- Private Sessions Listing added to Private Sessions page
2. Mediation
- Mediation Listing added to Mediation page
3. NVC Resources for sale
- Shop Listing and link on Products page
4. Practice Group (with attendance fees)
- 1 x Practice Group Listing per year added to Practice Groups page

If you want to list your Trainings on the site:

To list your trainings we request you purchase blocks of 5 trainings at $50 per block based on the number of trainings you intend to run for the year. If you need to purchase another block later in the year that can be done too.

Registration fees cover the period 1 July to 30 June and will be need to be renewed each 1 July for Registration to continue over the next period, regardless of initial registration date.

To establish your eligibility as a Compassionate Communication Trainer or an NVC Trainer on, we will first request to view your intended Bio for the website. This is to ensure
 applicants’ alignment with the use of as a notice board for NVC activities in 
Australia, and a portal for connecting with other NVC trainers / practitioners and enthusiasts.

Advertising of ‘non-NVC’ activities on is not supported by this site —
Activities that are a direct application of NVC - such as Dominic Barter's Restorative Circles
and that are advertised / listed as such are appropriate.
Activities that incorporate NVC into another practice and/or do not directly refer to NVC may not be listed.

BEFORE REGISTERING Please send your intended Bio to To view Bio examples, visit this page then click on any Trainer link to view their Bio. We will let you know as soon as possible if your application has been successful.

To Join up (if your Bio has been approved), or Renew your annual Registration, click here.

** $30 if your initial registration is within the 6 months prior to the usual 30 June Annual Registration. Thenceforth your annual registration fee will be $60.

nvc practice groups

You can LIST WITHOUT A REGISTRATION if your Practice Group is Free of Charge (or 'Donation' to cover e.g. venue costs);
Please first visit our NVC Practice Groups page. Make a note of the details required then send us an email with your listing or request. We will put it up on the website as soon as possible and let you know when it's done. Similarly, if you know one of the NVC Practice Groups listed is no longer operational, please let us know and we will take it down.

international trainers

If you are a NVC trainer not based in Australia, please click here.

We look forward to hearing from you!