How to Learn NVC

There are generally five ways to learn NVC.

Certified trainers
Non-certified trainers
Practice groups
International Intensive Trainings
Private sessions

Around the world there are over 500 certified trainers and several hundred thousand people receive training each year. Nonviolent Communication training and practice is offered in a variety of forms.

1. Certified Trainers

A certified trainer has been assessed by an International Assesor from the Center for Nonviolent Communication. They have exhibited the knowledge, awareness and skills CNVC deem necessary to impart the trainings of NVC. They have worked as a non-certified trainer for 2-3 years accumulating life experience and awareness before participating in assessment. They undertake to teach NVC in its completeness without mixing in concepts of other teachings eg. meditation, yoga, psychotherapy. Certified Trainers
frequently mentor non-certified trainers and are assisted by
trainers preparing for certification.

Certified trainers listed on this site, and their trainings or offerings, are marked CNVC.

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2. Non-certified Trainers

Non-certified trainers also offer a variety of trainings and sessions. These trainings are independently designed.

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3. Practice Groups

There are also groups of friends, colleagues and neighbours who meet as a Practice Group to study NVC - often using the workbook 'Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life' and the companion book 'Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life' by Marshall Rosenberg PhD. Our Resources section offers these books and other material for sale.

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4. International Intensive Trainings

CNVC produces a number of International Intensive Trainings (IIT) in a number of locations around the globe. Generally these trainings are led by a team of CNVC certified trainers.

An IIT is a 9 day "NVC immersion" experience usually involving 20 to 80 participants. Each IIT is residential. In some cases there are interpreters present although teaching is in English. The intention is to offer an extended period of time where people are in community and able to discover and develop nvc skills and consciousness.

CNVC ask that you attend a Foundation Level training prior to attending an International Intensive Training.

Registration for IIT's is handled centrally by CNVC. See

5. Private sessions

Some people learn NVC through private sessions. This may include relationship coaching and/or mentoring.