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My NVC Journey

I came to NVC in 2007 having created a path as a Speech Pathologist supporting adults with acquired brain injury, a communication consultant working in heavy industry, and a team leader of quality documentation and training systems in animal health. I followed a time of deep personal change with counsellor training, emerging from that with a passion to bring the quality of communication I had experienced as a client in the therapy room into the wider community.

What was new for me in NVC was the focus on the present moment – connecting first with what was alive in me and then learning to connect more fully with others. After my first Foundation Training I spent a year focusing on using NVC in my own inner life… a rich investment. I have found NVC to be deeply transformative in my life and relationships. I have trained with CNVC certified trainers Shari Elle, Dorset Campbell-Ross, Mukti Jarvis, Cate Crombie, Karl Steyaert, Robert Gonzales, Dian Killian, Miki Kashtan, Martha Lasley and Oren Jay Sofer. I have been on the trainer certification path since October 2015 (wanting to grow in embodying NVC consciousness and represent the work with integrity).

I am an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and am also qualified in Training and Assessment.

Contact Details

Mobile: +61419603900

Trainings offered by Anne Deane

Trainings and Group Coaching (online and face-to-face)

Transforming Our Conversations – An Introduction.
Transforming Our Conversations – Foundations.
Transforming Our Public Conversations – An Introduction.
Transforming Our Public Conversations – Foundations.
Transforming Our Conversations – Group Coaching.
Advanced workshops: Compassionate Communication and – vicarious trauma, our inner conversations, our intimate conversations, written communication, public communication and business communication.

Private sessions

I offer private coaching – mostly online – though in person is possible in Sydney.


As well as supporting people to connect with their authentic selves through Compassionate Communication training and coaching… I am keen to contribute to lifting the quality of our public conversation. This is why I love to love support Communication Professionals (communication managers/specialists, journalists, current and aspiring politicians, CEOs of NGOs/NFPs) who are keen to be part of Transforming Our Public Conversations, and young leaders and senior managers/executives who are keen to be part of Transforming Our Business Conversations.

My Compassionate Communication contribution is richly informed by sharing life with my partner Chris, connecting with nature, reading, seeing movies and dabbling in art, music and writing.