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Bridget O'Donnell CNVC Certified Trainer

A bit about me:-

I am a former Registered general and psychiatric nurse, a CNVC Certified trainer, a graduate of Embodying NVC,  and an accredited Embodying NVC Coach. I have been learning and sharing NVC since my first training with Dorset Campbell-Ross in 2006

My experience working in general and psychiatric nursing has contributed to my empathy skills, and through my yoga and meditation practises, I have developed a deep connection with myself and an authentic presence with others. I’ve been told that I bring creativity, emotional intelligence, and a natural empathy to my coaching and teaching. My love of colour and playfulness influences my trainings, which I call “Play-Shops”. Currently I’m developing programs for men and for couples, as well as designing jewellery and learning aids, to support NVC education. I love long distance hiking, and would like to facilitate NVC learning opportunities which involve hiking and camping.

I live in an Ecovillage 40km south of Adelaide, Australia, I’ve been married for 29yrs, and I’m a mother of a gorgeous son. In Aldinga, I facilitate Practice groups, Foundation trainings, Restorative Circles and offer coaching one on one, and for couples.

Contact Details

Mobile: 0418 892 463

Trainings offered by Bridget O'Donnell

I hold weekend foundation trainings (playshops)

I offer foundation trainings especially for men.

I host trainings in Restorative Circle work.

I Co-facilitate playshops for couples.

All of my events are advertised on my Website –

Private sessions

I am a coach accredited by Embodying NVC
I offer one on one coaching.
In a series of sessions, we work towards a goal; while learning /honing core NVC skills. I aim to make myself redundant, as you develop competence and confidence using these skills in everyday life.
I also work with couples.
I always see you individually first before we come together, and I find that around 6 sessions works well. Together we work towards a goal for your relationship,  and sessions can include supported dialogue, enemy image work, supported empathy, and roleplays.
please note that these sessions differ from counselling; as I teach NVC skills as we go, and also suggest homework.


Community and Eco-villages, Permaculture, Restorative Circles, women’s groups, Long-term relationship maintenance, Groups for men, Learning through Art and play, Self awareness through Yoga and meditation, Long-distance hiking as a journey within, Designing and creating NVC learning aids. Making learning FUN.


I have trained in Mediation with both Liv Larsson and Kate Raffin, both trainings were 5 days.
I have trained in Restorative Circles with both Karl Steyaert and Kate Raffin.

I facillitate an ongoing Restorative Circle practice group and I now offer trainings in Restorative Circles.