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A bit about me:-

I am a candidate for CNVC Certification, a graduate of Embodying NVC, an accredited Embodying NVC Coach. I have had the privilege to train with international teachers Dominic Barter, Kit Miller, Leo Sofer, Liv Larsson, Robert Gonzales, Vikki Pearce, and Karl Steyaert.

My experience working in general and psychiatric nursing has contributed to my deep empathy; and through my yoga and meditation practises, I have developed a deep connection with myself and an authentic presence with others. I’ve been told that I bring creativity, emotional intelligence, and a natural empathy to my coaching and teaching. My love of colour and playfulness influences my trainings, which I call “Play-Shops”. Currently I’m working on a collaborative projects developing NVC events in South Australia, and designing jewellery and learning aids, to support NVC education. I love long distance hiking, and would like to facilitate NVC learning opportunities which involve hiking and camping.

  1. I live in an Ecovillage south of Adelaide, Australia, I’ve been married for 24yrs, and I’m a mother of a gorgeous son. In Aldinga, I facilitate practice groups, Foundation trainings, and offer one on one, and couples Coaching.

Contact Details

Mobile: 0418 892 463

Trainings offered by Bridget O'Donnell

I periodically offer a fortnightly NVC Meetup at a local cafe.  We meet from 11-12.30 and explore NVC in a fun relaxed way, often through card games, and other processes that help to bypass the intellect, and get to the heart of issues that people bring.

I facilitate a Restorative Circle practice group within the Aldinga Arts Ecovillage.

I also offer Foundation trainings that are advertised on my Facebook page.

Next year I will be offering a practice group for practitioners. particularly of interest to those wanting to share NVC.



Private sessions

I offer one on one coaching.
In a series of sessions, we work towards a goal; while learning /honing core NVC skills. I aim to make myself redundant, as you develop competence and confidence using these skills in everyday life.
I also work with couples.
I always see you individually first before we come together, and I find that around 6 sessions works well. Together we work towards a goal for your relationship,  and sessions can include supported dialogue, enemy image work, supported empathy, and roleplays.
please note that these sessions differ from counselling; as I teach NVC skills as we go, and also set homework.


Restorative Circles, Women’s Groups, Intimate relationships, Community and Eco-villages, Learning through Art and play, Self awareness through Yoga and Movement, Long distance hiking as a journey within, Designing and Developing NVC learning aids


I have trained in Mediation with both Liv Larsson and with Kate Raffin, both trainings were 5 days.