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I am inspired to share my experience in communication and NVC as it has been such a gift in my life and I can’t imagine being without it!  I have now gone on to build a career out of mindful communication as a mediator.

I have been facilitating practice groups and workshops for a number of years with a strong focus integrating the theory of NVC into practice and real life.

I have enjoyed and benefited from numerous wonderful trainers over the years and have been inspired to become a certified trainer at some point ….watch this space!

I recognized early on that the processes in NVC are very powerful tools to shed light on and deeply transform our ‘stuck’ areas, naturally leading to more openness, wisdom and compassion.  Having been a long term meditator in the Zen Buddhist tradition, I appreciate the insight and awareness meditation brings to NVC practice and the transformation and real life skills NVC brings to spiritual practice.  NVC provides a clear way to integrate spiritual values into daily life and relationships.

I see communication as a spiritual practice with huge trans-formative ability, really helping shape our minds and therefore our lives very deeply. NVC has shown me that communication can be an art, a creative, fun, rich experience, not the terrifying awkward random thing that it used to be.

The practice group which I facilitate meets monthly at my clinic in North Sydney or on zoom, and we use our time for practicing different aspects of NVC and use live examples from our daily life to work through.  Being together practicing and supporting each other is an essential part of learning NVC.

I am also a Naturopath specialising in Depression and anxiety and bring this experience into sessions to help with emotional regulation.

I am also a Nationally Accredited Mediator and training Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Contact Details

Telephone: 0414806640
Mobile: 0414806640

Trainings offered by Bronwyn Sach

Practice Group

Meeting on the first Saturday of the month from 3-5pm (via Zoom during Covid).  I will present a talk on an NVC topic and we will explore NVC together with role plays, journaling processes, games and mindfulness practices.

Cost is by donation.

Contact Bronwyn 0414806640 to RSVP, join our mailing list or for an information pack.

Private sessions

Bringing together my experience as an ACT therapist (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), NVC, and mediation skills I will support you individually to improve your communication and conflict skills.  See times here


Mindful Communication, Mediation (NMAS), Mental Health Practitioner, Zen Buddhist, Parenting


A Nationally Accredited Mediator, I can support you through difficult conversations in person at North Sydney or online via Zoom.  Book in for a free session to see if this is suitable for you.