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Cherie Scott CNVC Certified Trainer

Cherie has always been passionate about self expression in many forms such as dance, performance, mime, fine art, graphic design, journal writing and ceremony. Cherie holds a Diploma in Design (Graphic) and a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Civil Ceremonies) at Monash University. She draws upon a wealth of experience in communication – this includes three decades of marriage, step parenting, parenting and building soul friendships. She is dedicated to connecting with herself, family (across distances) and friends. She has been working with Nonviolent Communication since 2003 and is now passionate about listening as well as expressing.

Having arthritis from a young age drew her to healing and transformational work, including meditation, Reiki and communication. Her journey of personal and spiritual growth began in 1984 and has taken her to the UK, USA, Mexico and Bali. It includes the greatest challenge of her life – step parenting and motherhood, where she discovered that how she expressed herself made a profound difference. In 1986 she became a volunteer advocate for the hungry – becoming their voice, she spoke to business people and students about ending hunger. She managed The Hunger Project in Western Australia and trained others in expressing the needs of the disadvantaged.

She lived for a time at The Findhorn Foundation and discovered living in community. In 1997 a desire to work with people led her to the art of ceremony. For Cherie, ceremony is living art – the combination of many different elements designed to express and communicate something of meaning and importance. Her favoured mode of ceremony is circle ceremony, where everyone has the opportunity to be heard. She also loves to use video to capture a celebration of life through interviews and images. She has produced numerous family history videos that honour the family elders in their own lifetime and her motto is “celebrate life now.”

The magic of the moment . . . the present . . .

Yesterday is history – tomorrow is a mystery – today is a gift
That’s why we call it the present

Cherie’s particular focus with NVC is working with people from a place of reverence for self, others and life – for what’s alive in us. She has found that connecting with our feelings and needs and finding life enhancing ways to meet them brings empowerment and fulfillment.

“Meeting everyone’s needs peacefully isn’t just a pipe dream – its real and my relationships are rewarding in ways I could only dream about before. Cherie’s coaching has supported me to build my skill in responding compassionately to difficult to hear messages.”
Dorothy Douglas, President Shiatsu Therapist Association, Australia.

Special interest areas:

  • Community Development and Team Building. Communication and Systems Consulting.
  • Mediation and Coaching with individuals, couples and groups.
  • Bringing all this together to create Sustainable Relationships in an Empowered Community.

Contact Details

Mobile: 0412 619 984

Trainings offered by Cherie Scott

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Private sessions

Cherie offers private sessions in person, by phone and skype.


Community development and team building, sustainable relationships in an empowered community.