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Jana has worked in specific NVC processes for over 12 years. Her main focus is in becoming authentic in compassion and supporting others in this.

She now facilitates Foundation Level 12 hour NVC workshops, mainly for family, educational and community groups.

She also facilitates meetings and mediations to help transform conflict to meaningful and caring connection.

Contact Details

Telephone: 0412408915
Mobile: 0412 408 915

Trainings offered by Jana Krins

Foundation Level

Compassionate Communication. Two day or 6 session interactive workshops introducing NVC. How to listen and speak without blame. Effective, connecting language: co creating peace and ways to enjoy and heal together.

Parenting Workshops. Empowering parents to connect with their children in caring, truthful ways. How to transform the power struggles into loving connection.



Jana has worked in communities and education for most of her life. With a history of teaching in alternative school movements, she focuses on sharing and empowering others in positive change. 

She has become involved in facilitations and mediations with a special interest in supporting families and intentional communities.

Since discovering the articulated process of NVC over 12 years ago, she deeply values embodying this combination of truthful and loving connection. She has experienced debilitating chronic illness and is now able to share the healing processes freely. Part of that springs from the heartfelt desire and ability to listen without judgement.

Jana loves dancing, singing, bush walking, writing, yoga, reading, sharing and connecting with people. She has also worked in biodynamics, permaculture, and visual arts. She delights in an extended supportive family and community, wanting others to know deepening care, connection and celebration. Drawing on her past professional teaching work and experiences, she now facilitates NVC interactive workshops and mediations.

“My Passion :
I have a passion to see the world at peace. I believe this starts with me, my beliefs, family, relationships and communities, my own physical and social environment. I want to offer the joy of what I’ve learnt and also seen in other people’s lives as they start to connect with themselves and others in a compassionate way.”


Transforming conflict into a place of profound healing and change.

Available for family relationships and intentional community work.