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Marg Pontin CNVC Certified Trainer

I am a mother of four and grandmother of one, an Educational leader, a teacher and community worker with a passionate commitment to enhancing relationships through clear communication. I have wide experience in education, organisations and teams, community groups, parenting and interpersonal relationships.

My 25 years teaching spans home schooling, primary, secondary, adult and workplace education. I have been a Principal of a small Non-Government School for the past seven years. This, together with my work in Disability and Community develpment, have given me an intimate understanding of the needs and challenges of working in leadership and teams on many levels.

Having discovered Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication and finding much application in the areas of personal and interpersonal relationships since 2002, I was thrilled to meet and receive training and mentoring from   Marie Miyashiro, International Organisational Consultant and author of The Empathy Factor. Marie studied and collaborated  with Marshall Rosenberg to apply empathy to the interpersonal relationships in teams in organisations of all sorts.

I have had the opportunity to not only apply these skills in my own workplace, as organisational leader, but also to travel the state and work with a diverse range of organisations to support clearer communication and harmony in the workplace.


I have travelled internationally to both attend NVC trainings, and to run residential seven day courses. I have conducted NVC training in human services, government, education and community groups as well as working with individuals in both regional and Metropolitan WA .

Contact Details

Telephone: 08 9845 1083
Mobile: 0417 181 428

Trainings offered by Marg Pontin

Locations: Community workshops are held in Perth, Albany and regional WA upon request. Marg also offers one or two residential workshops each year and for the past two years has co-facilitated a seven day Mindful Connection Course in Bali with her youngest daughter, Louise. 

Foundation level

Talking Peace

In this two day workshop Marg offers participants the opportunity to learn and practice strategies to help:

• recognize when our “buttons” get pushed, and change our typical reactions
• identify and express our needs clearly so that we are more likely to be able to meet them
• hear difficult messages without habitual reactions of rejection, hurt or blame
• listen to others in ways that help them to find their own solutions to problems
• find strategies that help ease conflicts
• care for people without getting burnt out
• experience more peace and ease in our relationships

“This training was an amazing eye opener – Marg listened and answered with genuine interest and enthusiasm. the training was down to earth and real and I felt comfortable and connected and believed that what I said mattered” Jacki

I found Marg knowledgable and inspiring in the way she presented the information during the workshop. The pace was gentle and I felt safe to explore the concepts and tools of NVC”. Liza

Foundation workshops can be held over one to two days, but I am willing to be flexible to deliver workshops in a format which will best suit the needs of participants. Available to schools, health, and other sectors.

Advanced level

Deepening Intimate Commmunication

Private sessions

Marg offers private sessions.


NVC in Education, Organisations and teams, Leadership, parenting and Intimate Relationships


Marg has trained with International NVC mediators John Kinyon and Ike Lasater as part of the Australian NVC mediators group from 2010 – 2011.

She regularly uses skills learnt during this training in her work helping children to solve their own conflicts, as well as their parents and teachers.