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Paulette Bray-Narai CNVC Certified Trainer

With a genuine interest in people and relationships, and a desire to contribute meaningfully to people’s lives, I was drawn to pursue psychology and education on leaving school.

Since then I have enjoyed extensive teaching and facilitating experiences with people of all ages, and backgrounds, and I witnessed again and again, the power of relationship in learning.  When a sense of connection among students and teachers was fostered, learning happened more effectively and with more ease and joy for everyone.

In 2002, while pregnant with my second child, I was looking for a parenting approach that was neither authoritarian, nor permissive. Another mother enthusiastically recommended NVC/CC and I quickly shared her enthusiasm and energetically studied with many skilled and experienced Certified Trainers including Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC and I become a CNVC Certified Trainer too.

I am indescribably grateful to have had Compassionate Communication as a resource to draw upon for my most precious relationships – my parenting, my relationship with my husband, with friends, my community and with myself. NVC has supported me to hold compassion for myself in the “wee hours” of a sleepless night,  to listen fully to my children free of “fixing”; to navigate differences with my husband in ways that honour us all, and more.   The power of NVC to stimulate compassionate connection still awes and thrills me.

I am passionate about the role of NVC in family relationships. Both my teenage son and younger daughter have expressed their appreciation for how NVC has balanced the power, and kept the focus on connection in our family.  Compassionate Communication has helped us all move through the colour,the turbulence, the expected and the unexpected in life with more ease and compassion than we once might have.

My passion for NVC and facilitating sees me continue to share NVC with others and support people to integrate NVC into their daily lives through Practice Groups, Professional Trainings, Coaching and Counselling.  I have taught NVC in both state and Steiner schools and TAFE classes as well as organisations including Interrelate, Parent Team, North Coast Area Health, Community Centres and more. I’m excited by the inspiring potential for transformation NVC opens for participants, whether they be parents, teachers, couples, health professionals – everyone – and that each one of us, through our own lives, is contributing to peace and compassion in the world.

In 2011 I became involved in facilitating Restorative Justice Circles.  I continue to support those impacted by crime to be heard around how they have been affected and what can be done to repair the harm and prevent re-offending. This is a powerful process and I have witnessed repeatedly how it supports people to be heard and to move forward constructively.

I am excited to have also begun contributing to my local school community as a volunteer Primary Ethics Teacher, assisting children in developing their thinking and questioning skills through exploring age appropriate ethical dilemmas. 

I am thrilled to be continually growing in myself and in what I am able to offer to support others on their individual journey.

 About Paulette’s Trainings:                                                                                                                              Paulette creates a supportive and respectful learning environment in her trainings. She is sensitive to the needs of the group and those of the individual and consciously appeals to various learning styles for fun and engagement. Participants can expect a quality, practical, experiential training with opportunities for guided practice in applying the model in role plays of real life situations.  With particiapnt numbers being limited, each person can practice developing skills in using NVC for their particular requirements.       Paulette’s approach is gentle, yet powerful, fun yet also deeply grounding.

Paulette has been facilitating Practice Groups near Byron Bay since 2008 and welcomes anyone wanting support in developing fluency and confidence in their use of NVC, or to gain clarity, to deepen self compassion or simply to enjoy a welcomed empathy top-up.

Special interest areas: parenting (children, teens, adults), connecting in relationships (couples, families, community) and supporting the integration of NVC into your daily life.

Contact Details

Telephone: (02) 6684 7262

Trainings offered by Paulette Bray-Narai

Paulette offers Foundation Trainings and Deepening Workshops for different needs, interests and varied skill levels. These include “parenting with Compassion”, “Compassionate Communication for Healthy Relationships”, “Connection in Intimate Relationships”, “Colloquial, Conversaional NVC”, “Transforming Anger, Guilt, Shame and Depression”, “Hearing and Saying “No” with compassion”, “Gratitude, Celebration and Joy with NVC” and more.

These run regularly and by request in Byron Bay and Beyond.

Paulette is willing to travel to meet needs in other locations and regional areas.

Group Coaching

Paulette continues to facilitate two regular and ongoing Open Group Coaching Sessions in the Byron Bay hinterland, supporting people in developing fluency and skill in their use of NVC, and building a compassionate community.

I also provide regular trainings via zoom, meeting needs for ease and access for many.

Call 02 66 847262 for more information or email:

Private sessions

Paulette offers private and confidential sessions in deep empathy and compassionate counselling for individuals or couples.

Coaching for fluency and ongoing learner support is also available.

All sessions are available in person, or by telephone or skype.

02 66847262


Parenting with Compassion and Awareness (pregnancy to adulthood), Self connection, Connecting couples and blended families, support to repair connections
Compassionate Communication in Education, NVC for Workplaces, skilled personal and professional conflict resolution and couple mediation.


Mediation and Conflict Coaching for Connection is available for individuals, couples, families and workplaces.