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Shari Elle CNVC Certified Trainer


I’m looking forward to working with you and to our learning these skills together to enrich every relationship in your life. 


After Stumbling upon NVC (see below for life before NVC):


In 2002, by accident (or fate), I attended an NVC weekend training with a UK based trainer – Gina Lawrie – who was visiting Australia.  I had no idea of what NVC was about or how significant this would be in my life!


During that weekend I was astounded to find that I had very little awareness of the emotions within me. I discovered that I have human needs (how can this be a revelation – but it was!) and that it is actually important to be aware of them.  I saw that when I was not aware of my needs, that I would try to get them met in unconscious ways, ways that undermined trust and authenticity in my relationships – especially with myself!


At that time there were no trainers of NVC in Australia.


That weekend I made the decision to learn NVC and become an Australian trainer.  I flew to Switzerland, (I was a single mum so this was huge for me) and attended a 9 day intimate training with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC.  I came back and began running NVC trainings.


In 2004 I became one of the four founding International Trainers in Australia to be certified with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.


I now work extensively with people in organisations – supporting skills and practices that nourish human connection and trust, and supporting organisations to thrive and be places people want to work.  I speak at events, run NVC Foundation Trainings around the country and internationally, am a trainer with CNVC at International events, co-facilitate the 8 month Embodying NVC program, have established and run an NVC Accreditation Coaching Program, mentor upcoming NVC trainers around Australia, and coach people to use and implement NVC practices in their personal lives and with their teams. 


The transformations I see in people as they remember the wisdom they inherently know, through the skills of NVC, are a constant source of wonder and nourishment for me.  I get to watch and learn as people grow in connection, awareness and authenticity and I am so grateful to accompany people in this discovery.


I look forward to walking alongside you too, and to the unknown journey that lies ahead.  Thank you for the opportunity.


In Wonder

Shari Elle.

My Life Before NVC:


Before NVC I worked with numerous high profile organisations in the areas of business development, sales and marketing.  I also created and implemented national retailer and installer programs for organisations such as Caroma Industries and Bridgestone.


I then created a unique organisation called Archi Sales and Marketing which tracked the most significant commercial building construction projects and marketed our client’s products to the major architects, aiming for specifications.  We consulted with our clients in how to position and present their products to gain specifications with architects, and as sales specialists our clients requested we share our extensive skills with their in-house sales teams.  We grew to become a training organisation.  


The thing I was most proud of though was that our organisation was structured around employing incredibly skilled women with children who wanted to work part time – to spend time with their little ones, and have flexibility to be with their children when needed.  


Needless to say, our team LOVED working with us!


As the business grew it came at enourmous person effort. I didn’t listen to my own bodies signals telling me to slow down (I went through menopause at 32!) my son finally became sick and that’s when I started really listening.  With enormous sadness I closed the business to find out what was happening with him and to support him to health.  This taught me a valuable lesson that informs everything I do today… the importance of sustainability.  I learned that enormous results are not enough if it comes at someone’s cost… because ultimately it will not provide sustainable results.

The knowledge and experience gained in working within large organisations, as a consultant to large organisations, and creating my own successful business are all part of what I bring as I share NVC today. 


Contact Details

Mobile: 0412 233 955

Trainings offered by Shari Elle


Shari regularly runs trainings in NSW  VIC  WA  TAS  NT  ACT  & Qld.

Foundation level

General Foundation Trainings

Organisations – Giving and Receiving Feedback

Organisations – Collaborative Communication in the Workplace


Advanced level

8 Month Embodying NVC Consciousness Program

Integration Program – 2 Days/5 nights

Private sessions

Learning the skills of NVC

Management Coaching

Conflict Management Coaching

One on one telephone mentoring and coaching with individuals.


Speaking, Organisational Trainings, Management Coaching, General Trainings, Family Trainings, Personal Coaching.