NVC Founder Marshall Rosenberg PhD


NVC brings together everything I've ever read – all the self-development courses and books – into a practical everyday tool.


The difference it's made in my life and relationships is like a miracle.


I now have greater confidence in expressing a viewpoint or delegating tasks.


NVC is the missing link in my work as a counsellor and family therapist.


I feel that I am more effective in dealing with situations of potential conflict.


NVC has been so eye opening for me – a whole new way to look at everyday situations.


I now have a better awareness of how to examine what the issues are, so that they can be resolved in a manner that respects all parties.


This training has finally connected my meditation practice with my everyday living, leading me to a practical way to use that power in my life.


NVC is applicable across all levels of an organisation – an approach to thinking rather than just tools to wield.


I feel that I now express myself more clearly as I take a more considered approach in decision making or issue identification.


I have come away feeling inspired and hopeful about making the changes I long for.


Upcoming Events


Feb 20
Communication for Clarity and Connection

Paulette Bray-Narai

Foundation Level

Feb 22- 24
Cultivating Inner Freedom

Kate Raffin
Feb 23-24,
Coorabell, overlook Byron Bay
Communication For Healthy Relationships

Paulette Bray-Narai

Advanced Level

Feb 26 - 3 Mar
Pymble, Sydney
Embodying NVC; Returning to Love - Growing intimacy and connection

Shari Elle and Alex Norman

What is Nonviolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a simple, effective and learnable four step process developed in 1964 by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg PhD (shown above).

It has been used successfully around the world to resolve conflicts and to deepen connections in personal relationships, schools, hospitals, corporations and governments. It is an emotionally-intelligent, awareness-based communication approach.

The heart of NVC is to identify universal human needs and what can be done to meet those needs. It is known to be effective even in situations of longstanding conflict or hostility. NVC can open new doors to compassionate connection and action.

Immersions in the Wild!

Come off track with Kate Raffin and team for incredible adventures into pristine country.
Three unique opportunities to deepen into NVC practices within natures classrooms.
Prompt booking advised due to limited places and popular demand.

Kakadu Escarpment Bushwalking Adventure: NT, July 28 - Aug 5, 2019

An Untracked Kimberley Bushwalking Adventure: WA, Aug 11 - Aug 20, 2019

Wild Water Paddling Adventure: Nymboida River Nth NSW, Mar 20 - Mar 28, 2019

With CNVC Certified Trainer Kate Raffin

Connection Essentials

Start NVC today with
Connection Essentials Online Course
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With CNVC Certified Trainer and Emotion Focused Therapist
Mukti Jarvis

 Foundation Follow Up

You can develop your NVC skills and save when you book both the NVC Foundation training ‘Compassionate Communication For Healthy Relationships’ and the Foundation Follow Up ‘Applying the Skills and Avoiding Common Pitfalls’ together.
And FREE set Ah Ha Needs cards
Usually $808, now only $595 - save $210
Plus! access to ongoing support @ $30/2 hr
With CNVC Certified Trainer Paulette Bray-Narai

Embodying NVC

Imagine a comprehensive program that supports you to dive deep into Living NVC through 3 unique retreats and personal coaching!!

Next Retreat
26 Feb - 3 Mar 2019
Returning to Love;
Growing intimacy and connection

with Shari Elle and team

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Retreats : Living in a community focused on mutuality, compassion and learning.
Personal Coaching : Fortnightly sessions with a certified trainer inc. individual assignments and feedback.
Phone sessions with a practice/empathy buddy for support
Online interactive forum and Teleclasses

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Healing Past Traumas

How empathy unifies our brains and bodies.

With Sarah Peyton, Certified NVC trainer and author of “Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditation and Exercises to Engage Your Brains Capacity for Healing”. Sarah also deeply studies and shares Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Theory and Family Constellations.

16-17 February 2019
The Relaxation Centre
Alderley Brisbane QLD
9:30am to 5:00pm
$350pp ($100 booking deposit)
The Relaxation Centre 07 38563733 or  relaxcentreofqld@powerup.com.au

Flyer | Sarah's website