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In order to share NVC and to support you in learning and integrating NVC skills, a broad range of material has been created, including books and booklets, audiotapes and CDS, videotapes and DVDs
and other support such as puppets, ears and cards.

If you are newly exploring NVC, or seeking to purchase comprehensive general reference material, we recommend...

the books:

the CDs:

the DVDs:

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Recommended books and CD

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

Enjoy Powerful and Satisfying Relationships . . . in All Areas of Your Life
by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
ISBN: 1-892005-03-4

Most of us have been educated from birth to compete, judge, demand, diagnose—to think and communicate in terms of what is "right" and "wrong" with people. Even when we are well-meaning this can be disastrous to our relationships--both personal and professional. Nonviolent Communication helps you develop relationships based upon mutual respect, compassion, and cooperation.

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Nonviolent Communication Companion Workbook

Create your life, your relationships, and your world in harmony with your values.
by Lucy Leu
ISBN 1-892005-05-0

If you're ready to put Nonviolent Communication into practice, and this workbook will help you do it. Supporting you through each chapter of Rosenberg's book, this workbook contains refreshing and empowering ideas for: dealing with anger, resolving conflict, improving internal dialogue, and relating more compassionately with others.

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Life-Enriching Education

Nonviolent Communication Helps Schools Improve Performance, Reduce Conflict, and Enhance Relationships
by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. ISBN: 1-892005-05-0

Teaching Tools and Strategies that help students improve performance, reduce conflict, and enhance relationships

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Speaking Peace

This recording, produced by Sounds True, explains the purpose of NVC, how to use the four components of the NVC model to express ourselves honestly and respond empathically to others, and to bring about change within ourselves, others, and within larger social systems; includes songs, stories and examples.
Approximately 2.5 hours.

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Nonviolent Communication - Create your Life, Your Relationships and Your World In Harmony with your Values

This recording, produced by Sounds True, is the book, "NVC: Create Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your World in Harmony With Your Values" on CD.
4 CD set

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The Basics of NVC
blankAn Introductory Training with Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D.

This edited one-day training shows how we can connect with others in a way that enables everyone’s needs to be met through natural giving.

Available on DVD. 199 minutes

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