Teach NVC

See The Trainer Certification page on the CNVC website for more information on becoming a Certified Trainer.

Many people come to value greatly the contribution NVC has made to their life. From this many are inspired to want to share NVC, to offer trainings and perhaps to move toward becoming a Certified NVC Trainer.

CNVC and the Trainers listed on this site keenly support and encourage the sharing of NVC. This contribution to the global vision of a world where families, relationships and organisation are relate peacefully and are life-serving is most welcome.

CNVC offers guidelines and has requests of those sharing NVC who are not certified trainers. View guidelines.

Certified Trainers have

  • completed generally 2-3 years of non-certification work (trainings as a non-certified trainer)
  • attended at least one International Intensive Training
  • accumulated at least 30 days of training with certified trainers
  • prepared on two occasions material for review by International Assessors, including oral and practical presentations demonstrating their NVC skills, teaching ability and consciousness.

Learning NVC is a never-ending process and living and embodying the intention to live nonviolently/ compassionately is a commitment demonstrated by all NVC Trainers. Trainer Certification of an individual is a confirmation of the Center’s confidence that the trainings provided retain the integrity of the NVC model.