Linda Rysenbry CNVC Certified Trainer | NMAS Certified

Linda is a specialist in facilitating connection. She has a broad background in senior roles within corporate and family business and specialist training in assisting couples to heal and deepen their relationship.

She has trained extensively with the founder of NVC Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, both locally and internationally in Switzerland, the U.S. and New Zealand where she co-trained with him.  Linda is one of the first four trainers to be certified in Australia by CNVC in 2004.  She is nationally accredited with NMAS, the Australian Mediator’s Scheme, and LEADR (an alternative dispute resolution organisation). Linda has also trained and received supervision since 2011 in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy.

She provides mediation, education, coaching and support. She is known for her unique blend of NVC and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. Areas of interest includes blended families, family business relationships and adult love relationships - any gender, any stage of life.  

Consultations are available through her private practice on the northern beaches in NSW and/ or nationally and internationally by telephone and skype. For more about this see

Linda is currently one of two CNVC Certified Trainers also Accredited with the National Mediation Accredition Scheme. She offers NVC Mediation services in a variety of locations, by skype or phone. For more information click HERE

As one of the founders of the comprehensive 8 month Embodying NVC Consciousness retreat and coaching programme, Linda enjoys designing intensive learning events where change and insight occur at personal and group levels.  For more info see

She is an inspiring facilitator and speaker at conferences and seminars. Including NSW Federation of Co-operatives, Kumon Franchise Association, Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Washing, Ngaanyatjarra Council. 

Feedback from people who have experienced NVC with Linda... (more at

'Linda has been extremely helpful in assisting me with unresolved issues using her thorough knowledge of NVC. I have found the coaching process (including NVC) to be powerful. Linda also has knowledge of many other modalities which have assisted in quickly resolving issues which have been affecting me for many years. I highly recommend Linda.'

     LM, Australia

I have to admit that I was sceptical at first, having had relationship
 help in the past, I had basically lost hope in us, but with Linda's 
insightful and practical help my wife and I have returned from the brink and 
are well on the way to a sharing our life together in happiness and Love. â€¨â€¨I can't speak highly enough of Linda's skills and would highly recommend

      BB, Australia

'You have immense contributions to make to corporate communications. Thanks again for making a huge difference in our business.'


     Dr. Matthias Krups, BCI Asia (family owned business)

'Thank you so much for your presentation on Saturday. It was lovely to meet you in person at last. And of course your presentation had just the result that I wanted. You were able to seamlessly deal with the issues that concerned us as a group, in a way that also dealt with everyone’s individual issues and leave us with new skills to go forward.'

     Elizabeth French, Australasian Kumon Franchisees Association



Contact details

Telephone: 0438 364 636
Mobile: 0438 364 636

Trainings offered by Linda Rysenbry

Locations:  NSW and by distance - skype and telephone

Foundation level
Let's Talk - workshop

Private Workshop for Couples/ Partnership/ Teams

Couples Coaching Resources and Programme
Personal Coaching Programmes

Advanced level:
Embodying NVC Consciousness Retreat and Coaching Programme

Private sessions

For full information and free resources visit

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Private Workshop 
This is a closed workshop in a comfortable private environment where the people attending go on an enquiry to seek out new and better connection and dissolve issues and blocks to connection, warmth and respect, creativity and enjoyment of each other and the relationship. 

Through this workshop you will:

  • learn new alternative ways of being together
  • dissolve pain, stuckness, numbness or misunderstanding
  • create new communication patterns and
  • design your own systems that will nurture relationship going forward. 

This is a 2 day workshop for those who have no prior experience of NVC.  For those who already have NVC experience there is a 1 day workshop format available.

For further information please either visit or you are welcome to call Linda for further information directly – 0438 364 636 or to arrange skype or phone appointments.  Alternatively please call 02 9997 2121 to organise face to face appointments.

Couples Coaching Packages

Please click for further information.    


Personal Coaching Programme

This is a transformative personal programme for individuals where you are encouraged, supported, guided and develop and grow through a series of one on one sessions (either in person or by skype or phone).  You may be experiencing anxiety, depression, loss of direction, recovering or rebuilding trust. 

Through this programme you will: 

  • have support
  • dissolve inner obstacles to the state of being you would prefer to experience
  • discover new hope and explore alternative ways of relating to yourself and others
  • create personal goals, momentum and clarity 

For further information please either visit or you are welcome to call Linda directly – 0438 364 636.


NVC Mediation is an extraordinary process through which you can expect:

  • solutions and greatly improved understanding
  • increased willingness to contribute positively to each other
  • new syste for repeating stuck and contentious issues

I actively promote NVC Mediation as a method for acheiving sustainable and functional solutions that leave both parties feeling satisfied - not equally disappointed.  To explore further please contact me today - 0438 364 636 or visit here.