Alex Norman CNVC Certified Trainer

One of my very favourite things to do is to connect with people, and I especially love connecting with people who are curious and open to learn/ play and discover new ways to communicate more honestly and effectively!  So a big, enthusiastic Hello’ to you and thanks for your interest in me, and in the practise of Nonviolent Communication.

Since arriving in Australia from the Uk in 2000, I have had a very colourful career as a Circus artist, Musician, Kids Entertainer and Mum. I am delighted, and humbled, to now add to that my recent ( April 2017) Certification with The Centre for Nonviolent Communication – and so begins my journey as an official member of this reputable tribe of global peace makers. 


I am currently living on the Central Coast NSW, volunteering regularly at Lifeline as a crisis Supporter, and working with members of Narara Eco Village to activate an NVC community here ( so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re a local! ) . My trainings –  Mind the Gap! – are fun, dynamic and inclusive. I also really enjoy one on one coaching and do this in person, by Skype, or Phone.  I’m frequently up and down to Sydney too and am part of the trainer team at the fabulous, Sydney based, NVC Immersion program:


Since discovering NVC in 2010, and applying it’s principles and practices to my ‘every day’ (as well as the ‘big stuff’ ), I have found life to be sooooo much more wonderful. Probably of most significance, was the wildly liberating realisation of the choice available to me in every moment, to speak, act and respond in ways that are congruent with my values, without waiting for others to change first. What freedom! Inevitably this means that I get to make other peoples lives more wonderful too and I take such joy in observing the infectious ripple effect of compassion in the world around me. I especially celebrate the gift NVC has been to me in my parenting and for the support it has given me through a rather devastating separation.

I would be delighted to hear from you and support you on your journey with NVC.

Beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. ….I’ll meet you there ...

– Alex



Contact Details

Telephone: 0425 329089
Mobile: 0425 329089
Website: http://https/

Trainings offered by Alex Norman

I give intro talks on NVC to communities, or wherever I can find an audience who wants to listen!

I run half day Intro workshops and 2 day foundation trainings- MIND THE GAP!

I am in the process of setting up a regular practise group on the Central Coast.

I coach privately- in person or via phone and skype. 0425 329089

I am part of the trainer team at the powerfully transformative NVC immersion trainings : Embodying NVC Consciousness– 

Testimonials from participants at my trainings:

“I felt both accepted and comfortable about sharing my own challanges, and inspired and hopeful to make the changes I long for…” ( Christa -Mother)

” …it is the missing link in my work as a counsellor and family therapist” ( Tanja , Psychologist)

“Eye opening! A whole new way to look at every day situations” ( Richard – Accountant)

“Alex facilitated a safe and supportive enrvironment, as well as making the material engaging and fun!…” ( Sylvie –  School Teacher).

Private sessions

“Your challenge is not to keep trying to repair what was damaged…. Your practice is to reawaken what is already wise and whole within you.…”

I love coaching with NVC because it is a very collaborative and client empowering approach.  By listening deeply and clarifying what matters most to you, tapping into your own inner wisdom and resources comes with surprising ease. Through this process we can then create doable strategies and actions to meet your needs, which allows your outer and inner world to be more aligned. In my experience, the results of working in this way are tremendously effective and satisfying, if not transformative!  

 You will also learn and integrate Compassionate Communication skills/tools along the way, to give you the support you need on going, to care for yourself, no matter what issue or situation you are facing. 


Your first session is free in order to figure out if this style of coaching is for you and whether we would enjoy to work together. From there, we can create a plan that suits you. Clients often choose a ‘6 week package’, where we create a focus/ goal and then work progressively towards that over a few months. Sessions last for 45 minutes and can be done over the phone, in person or on Skype.

I’d love to hear from you to see if I can contribute in any way to making your life more wonderful!

0425 329089


Intro talks, dynamic half day workshops, Foundation trainings, Practise groups, Coaching, Peaceful parenting and intimate relationships.