No-Interest Loans and Grants

C2Ci - Creating Peace, Peace by Peace

C2C is building a fund to provide micro-finance no-interest loans and grants to assist people to attend NVC training. These are available by application to people who live in Australia or a neighbouring developing country, and who:

  • Have financial constraints and would not otherwise be able to attend the NVC training.
  • Are committed to learning and practising NVC and to using it to make a difference in the world in some way.
  • Have made or are making serious attempts to raise the needed funds in other ways (C2Ci can offer support with this)

As a strategy to contribute to peace and well-being in the world, we want to accelerate the learning and practising of NVC by growing the pool of advanced NVC practitioners and trainers. Therefore, funds will initially be targeted to people who are committed to sharing NVC, and who want to do intermediate or advanced level NVC trainings, or other trainings or events that build their capacity to share and teach NVC. As we expand the fund it will be available for any intermediate and advanced level NVC training in Australia.

If you’re interested in applying for a small loan or grant, in the first instance please contact the Fund Coordinator, Tracy Adams on 07 5435 2993 or by emailing

If you’d like to donate to the fund, please direct enquiries about the Fund to Tracy Adams.