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As a language academic and linguist, I’ve spent 35 years teaching, researching and publishing in the areas of academic English, Japanese, language development, language description, language curricula and language in society. Needless to say, I love languages and am proud to be an unapologetic grammarian.
As my career progressed, I moved into leadership roles which required skills other than just the critical thinking skills of a scholar. I wanted to feel emotionally strong as I sought to lead others. I wanted to know myself better and stand confidently and compassionately in my power. I wanted to be there for others authentically and empathetically. In short, I wanted a different attitude towards myself and others.
I decided to go on a journey of self-discovery – to retire from my academic life and discover the world of living from the heart, of being connected to my feelings and needs and to those of others with love and care. I found this new reality in the world of Nonviolent Communication, and the work of Dr Marshall Rosenberg.
Having found the consciousness of NVC and the comfort of being in my ‘home zone’, I now consider myself a life-long learner and teacher of NVC, bringing it into my everyday life and nurturing my relationships through empathic practice. I am on the certification journey, now enjoying the network and support of the NVC community of practice. And having enrichment in my own life, I am now sharing this way of being with enthusiasm, offering language of compassion courses through our business, Coaching to Clarity, <>. I use my linguistic and leadership skills to teach and practice ways of speaking differently, to help people find clarity, manage conflict and contribute to a happier, more peaceful life.

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Trainings offered by Elizabeth Thomson

Training offerings:

  1. Connecting Through Talk online series through

This series of language training courses which introduce, demonstrates and practices effective language skills that serve connection and enrich our lives.

  • Course 1, Connecting Through Talk – INTRODUCTION – FREE

This is a short, self-paced language course of 3 modules in the language of compassion.   It is about communicating in the best way to connect with another person, honouring and holding their needs and yours in mutual regard.  It is designed for people of all ages who are wanting to improve their communication skills and language choices when interacting with family, friends and colleagues.  If you deal with people and need to enable cooperation and collaboration, then this course provides a simple, but effective framework. This introductory course will take approximately 3 hours to complete. You can study anywhere, anytime while interacting asynchronously with other learners.

  • Course 2, Connecting Through Talk – THE INGREDIENTS

This course consists of 5 Modules. It introduces and practices the four ingredients of the language of compassion framework: observation, needs, feelings and requests.  It teaches judgement and blame free choices of communication.  The course is approximately 5 hours of study time. You can study anywhere, anytime while interacting asynchronously with other learners. 

  • Course 3, Connecting Through Talk – BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER (from August, 2020)

This course is consists of 5 Modules. It introduces and practices the three modes of the language of compassion framework: self connection, honest self-expression and empathic listening.  The course is approximately 5 hours of study time. You can study anywhere, anytime while interacting asynchronously with other learners

  1. Foundation Course in Compassionate Communication

Our Foundation Course introduces you to a consciousness and toolkit for communication from the heart, rather than from the head based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication as espoused by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg from The Centre of Nonviolent Communication.  The course will help you to connect with yourself and with those that you care about and love.  It will bring honesty and understanding to your relationships at home and at work.  The course is co-taught by Alex Norman and Elizabeth Thomson.  It is available online via zoom, or face to face.  Refer to the website <> for the training events.

  1. Practice Group in Compassionate Communication

The Practice Group in Compassionate Communication offers graduates of the Foundation Course and the online Connecting Through Talk course series the opportunity to practice compassionate language skills using our program of activities designed to support your continued learning and growth.

Meet online to connect with the principles of compassion through role play and language practice.  Practice in a safe, supportive environment where making mistakes are celebrated as evidence of learning, and where you are free to feel and explore the different impacts of reactive versus responsive expression. Refer to the website <> for the practice group events.

Private sessions

Private, one on one coaching in compassion is available upon request.  See the website,


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