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Karen Thompson-Anderson

Develop Self-Advocacy & Wellbeing skills
Personal & Professional Development Coaching with NVC :-)

I remember a time I used to meditate on my cushion and feel so wonderful and then I’d open my mouth to speak afterwards and out would come my conditioned language… the wonderful feelings from meditation would leave me and I’d be back struggling to self-advocate or connect with others about what really mattered to me.  

The way I’d learned to communicate in my family of origin used a lot of labels and judgements that had impacts I didn’t intend or even understand. Whether it was praise labels like “you’re amazing” or disapproving labels like “you’re being so cold”…labels didn’t support the sort of connection or mutual understanding I really wanted. 

Self-advocacy as I share it today employs the language skills of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication to support self-connection, self-expression and NVC skill-building to transform those disconnecting labels into communication that focuses on connection. Self-advocacy is a personal development approach, with deep dive re-connection empathy, that facilitates the courage to speak our truth and build greater levels of trust and collaboration at work and at home. 

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Develop a workshop in your Purpose Work
Supporting you to develop your work in the world. Coaching for men and women. Community of support for women also available.

As a founder and co-facilitator of Wise Women Rising I am an advocate for the wise work of women. Wise Women Rising started in 2020 with a 10-day online retreat…28 facilitators of new workshops over 100 women as attendees across all the sessions… the retreat offered workshops on subjects like grief, body love, storytelling, flow game, distance healing, play, tea & poetry, meditation, power & authority, creativity, death doula, earth reverence, wellbeing, & The Work of Byron Katie.

In 2021 we’ve continued to evolve by developing an extended online co-learning program for new and emerging facilitators called ‘Our Time to Shine’ which we co-facilitate as a group to support one another with the deeper work of finding and expressing our wisdom. The inaugural program has 8 participants creating their  workshops for the WWR Spring Retreat on the Mornington Peninsula (in person we hope!).

In November this year we’ll be taking part in the Festival of Women in Richmond, Melbourne and the Gathering of the Goddesses weekend Festival  at Mt Macedon.
**We’re also beginning to plan our next online retreat to offer women nationally the opportunity to prepare and share a workshop of their wise work for the times we live in.

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About Karen Thompson-Anderson 

Hello, I’m Karen, I am a professional communicator, a qualified Public Relations and Communications specialist, though my professional training didn’t help me as much as I’d have liked with the emotional and psychological challenge of communicating with colleagues, as a partner at home, as a parent or an engaged community member, so I went looking for new and deeper ways to connect. 

It made sense that my professional persuasion and strategic communication skills had a limited shelf life in my interpersonal connections…I re-skilled my communication to include a deeper understanding of empathy and I practiced it “in the trenches” in my relationships professionally, personally and as a long-term advocate for a family member with major depression, anxiety and drug dependencies. “Master negotiator” only went so far. Being alongside and able to hold presence and express deep empathy meant I could then advocate from understanding, without rage and blame in a mental health system struggling to function as it’s service-providers and recipients might most hope.  

With Nonviolent Communication (NVC) I learned how to shift out of the hidden self-sacrifice patterns of my childhood into self-advocacy for my needs and my dependents’ needs, whilst holding the needs of others as mattering too. I’ve learned to apply these skills now in coaching, community and professional development, in change management and cause advocacy. I’ve learned how important courageous and compassionate language is to living an aligned life. 

I can help you to connect your words to your deepest intentions professionally and personally. If you’re trying to move mountains and in need of some deep understanding and support to transform your communication internally and externally too…message me today to book in for an initial consultation. 

I invite you to get curious with me. The journey awaits.


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My learning and application experiences with Nonviolent Communication

Introduction to NVC with Jim Lord 2009
Foundation Training with Dorset Campbell-Ross 2009
Foundation Training & Day trainings with Cherie Scott 2010 
Facilitator NVC practice group 12 months 2010-2011 
Robert Gonzales Australian Residential Retreat March 2011
Evening training with Mel Sears June 2011 
Speaker at public Nonviolence event 11.11.2011
Facilitator of a local NVC Parenting practice program 2011 – 10 weeks. 
Weekend Training ZENVC with Catherine Cadden & Jessie Weins April 2012
Weekend Training in Restorative Justice with John Cunningham & Cat Gilliam July 2012
Founding group member NVC Melbourne trainers 2012
Facilitator of Parent’s fortnightly NVC Circle at Collingwood College school (4 terms 2012)
Co-facilitator Compassionate Parenting Day training 2012 with Alistair McKinnon 
Promoted NVC at Occupy Melbourne 2012
Foundation Training with Chez Scott 2012
“IIT” NVC International Intensive Training 10 days Queensland 2013
Founder NVC Melbourne with Chez Scott and Alistair McKinnon 2014
Hosted a Global Internet Conference for NVC Community with 3 days of panels and presentations
Co-facilitator NVC Foundation Trainings (various) 2014 – 2016
Founder Activate Wellbeing 2016
Compassionate Wellbeing Program for Entrepreneurs 2016
Yoga Heart, Yoga Mind NVC & Yoga collaboration 2017
Early development Wise Women Rising time trading platform, alternative economies 2018
Founder, co-facilitator Wise Women Rising 2019 – 2021

Contact Details

Mobile: 0433 153 536


Self-Advocacy: reclaim parts of yourself with empathy, that are afraid or just “stuck” when you long to speak up for yourself with power and compassion in relationship.

Purpose Work: live your purpose with coaching to support you to bring your wise work into the world. Compassionate marketing and business development.
Women’s community of support

Wellbeing: discover new empathy based relationships with your own Wellbeing aspects – finances, social & community, technology, time & space, purpose work, physical health.