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Samantha Wittenberg

I am a communication guide. I support people who seek greater balance in their hearts and minds, guiding those who may lean towards excessive criticism or are overly reliant on logic. We will work towards replacing rigid expectations or judgments with consciousness of universal human needs, ultimately promoting healthier and more fulfilling connections.

Contact Details

Mobile: 0490501671

Trainings offered by Samantha Wittenberg

I offer trainings in Effective Communication for groups, either on their own or as a complement to the mediation/facilitated conversation process.

I can also deliver keynote speeches on the subject, for events and conferences

Feedback from trainings I have offered:

” Thank you so much for your time and energy, Samantha, I am certainly celebrating the learnings from your very engaging workshop!
The incidental conversations at the end of the day were all incredibly positive and I’m sure each person was able to take away some learnings they can incorporate into their lives/work practices.”
Nicole Murphy, Preschool Field Officer in Victorian Preschool Field Officers Association

“I have gained more than just learning to communicate better. Being able to connect with the two of you made the process though difficult at times for my own vulnerability, much easier because of the vulnerability and sincerity you displayed. I am happy that we could share in this way.

I have felt the impact especially in my interactions with my fellow employees. Our first management meeting was a resounding success with clear decisions being made. I have realised that having one’s own needs fulfilled first is important and I have learned to articulate my needs so much better. This has enabled me to listen and meet the needs of those that I interact with better. I try to reflect accurately what is being shared with me but I still find myself wanting to sympathise from time to time.  


I think that my jackal responses have decreased but this is me marking my own exam paper! Overall I have experienced from the others who have completed the training, a level of kindness I have not experienced before and an acknowledgement of each other as human beings.”

Colleen du Preez, Financial Manager at The Hydro, Stellenbosch, South Africa


Effective Communication training
Individual empathy sessions
Empathy Circles


Feedback from mediation participants:

“Thank you for holding space at this important time. Your capability and presence have shone in this process and I am indebted to you for bringing grounded care.”

Janet, Executive Coach and Facilitator, Sep 2023

“It was a great challenge to face issues that have caused ongoing conflict and to talk them through after so much pain and trauma has been experienced around them. So I was very grateful for the supportive environment Tara and Samantha created. I felt truly held. It was like they were providing a bridge across an abyss. Processing the traumatic issues in the framework of this mediation helped to neutralize some of the energy around them, allowing a fresh perspective on them. It also allowed levels of forgiveness to happen.”   – Helena , freelance writer and filmmaker

“A third party introduces a level of calm and has a defusing effect that has been elusive in the past”

“Samantha’s clear interjections, holding the conversation to task, application of a communication framework

Andrews reflections help with clarity and having two people in the room prevented heated conversation more than I think one person would have”

“I appreciated that you two gave your attention to us to help with a private problem, that you make yourselves available to us, that you both listened and concentrated so well, and that you absorbed the sharp words with  outward calmness and generosity, that you have a coherent method.